InterGen's Wine Wednesday with Darcy Tuer & Tate Hackert

To kick off our first Wine Wednesday of the year, we are excited to shift gears and chat with the visionary founders behind ZayZoon, a local fintech startup and an InterGen Capital portfolio company. Known for its earned wage access (EWA) platform, ZayZoon is disrupting the status quo of payroll, effectively transforming businesses by increasing both employee satisfaction and productivity.

Join us for an evening of inspiration as we showcase the remarkable journey of a true Calgary success story,  a company that has thrived with the steadfast support of Alberta investors and a dynamic local tech ecosystem. From its ideation days with just a few employees to tremendous traction and more than 120 team members, Sandi Gilbert will sit down with Tate Hackert and Darcy Tuer as they share their story.

Alberta's investors, known for their foresight and willingness to back ambitious ventures, were hailed as catalysts for the company's growth. Their strategic investments not only provided the necessary capital but also served as a vote of confidence, propelling the company's expansion. A perfect example of collaboration within Alberta's vibrant tech ecosystem, this is sure to be  a fantastic story of how a Calgary-based company can grow. It will be a positive reminder of the incredible local talent we have and what happens when a community comes together. 

Calling all entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, and anyone interested in learning more about the transformative potential of Alberta's tech ecosystem. If you're a venture trying to figure out how to get to the next level, this will be a great gathering to meet other entrepreneurs and potential investors that can help get you there. 

April 24│5:00 PM MST

Thomsons Social Hub, Hyatt Regency Calgary



Darcy Zayzoon styled

Darcy Tuer is ZayZoon's Co-Founder and CEO, who grew up in Calgary and Edmonton and started his first tech company in 2000. “I'm passionate about Calgary's technology ecosystem.” Also the Co-founder and previous President of Spira Data Corp. for 11 years, he founded his first software company, Halo Networks, in 2000.

Darcy was convinced he was meant to be a part of ZayZoon when Tate Hackert, ZayZoon's Co-Founder and President, pitched the company and its vision to him. The idea of bringing financial wellness to the masses and creating significant positive social impact was something he could not ignore. “We believed that if we had one person that needed us, that we could keep away from a predatory loan, we knew that there would be millions of people that we could help in the same way."

Tate Zayzoon Styled

Tate Hackert has a unique background unlike many founders of technology companies. With deep roots on the West Coast of Canada, Tate once spent 43 days on a commercial fishing boat.

It was as a young adult that Tate found his passion in what would become an entire industry, FinTech. Between the ages of 16 and 23, Tate used Craigslist as a way to lend out more than $250,000 of his own capital to those in need. Through this journey, Tate discovered an entire industry built around a consumer's need for short term liquidity, and unfortunately, it was an industry that preyed on its customers.

As a pioneer in Earned Wage Access, Tate founded ZayZoon as a way to combat payday loans while still giving people relief between paychecks. ZayZoon’s product allows employees to instantly access their earnings ahead of their regular scheduled payday, without debt or egregious fees. 



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