InterGen PowerPlay: Building Intergenerational Teams

A recent study focusing on Gen Z revealed that a mere 21% of workers trusted their leaders. 40% expressed concerns about the increased stress, pressure and hours that come with a managerial role. Surprisingly, only 4% showed interest in pursuing a CEO position, while just 9% were interested in becoming people managers.

In an era where purpose-driven work is not just preferred but expected by the next workforce generation, leaders must innovate to attract and retain the best talent. In this dynamic workshop, leadership coach Ted Bradshaw addresses this shift, focusing on how to create cultures that resonate with the values and aspirations of Gen Z, ensuring that they are not just part of the company but integral to its mission. 

This workshop will explore strategies tailored to bridge the generational gap and maximize productivity. Ted will also provide insights on how companies can adjust their leadership approaches to meet these new expectations.

In this talk, Ted will explain: 

  • How to cultivate a culture where Gen Z's purpose meets the corporate vision
  • How to align with Gen Z's values and work style
  • Practical insights into Gen Z's unique characteristics preferences, and communication styles
  • How to craft an environment that develops future leaders by fostering collaboration and trust across the workplace
  • How to develop leadership strategies that resonate with and empower our next generation of leaders

This workshop is ideal for leaders of companies that have at least 10-50 FTEs. You are also encouraged to invite other members of your team, including those who are a part of Generation Z to attend. 

April 15, 2024 │  1:00 - 4:00 PM MST
Rocky Mountain Boardroom
Deloitte Calgary Office




Having facilitated over 900 leadership team sessions, to thousands of business owners, serial entrepreneur turned performance coach Ted Bradshaw knows first-hand the impact that great employees can make. That's why he works with entrepreneurs and leaders around the world, helping them develop their people into leaders to increase employee retention and help the organization grow.

He’s an Expert EOS Implementer, Community Leader for EOS Worldwide, and the best-selling author of Stop Chasing Squirrels.

Supported by:

 Alberta Innovates

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