Welcome Mary Moran, newest InterGen Board of Director

We are excited to announce the newest addition to our Board of Directors, Mary Moran. Mary is the former President & CEO of Calgary Economic Development (CED). 

She is known for her collaborative approach to projects and has successfully led several initiatives toward Calgary's economic diversification. Mary’s strategic focus helped CED develop a more accountable and measurable approach to economic development, resulting in the attraction and retention of companies of varying sizes, from large multinational companies to high-growth tech companies. 

With an impressive background, Mary brings in a wealth of experience and an extensive national and global network.  Prior to Mary’s 11-year tenure in economic development, she had a thirty-year career with a focus on branding and marketing, sales, strategy, and client loyalty for companies with some of Canada’s strongest brands.

With Mary as part of our board, we anticipate innovative strategies and thoughtful guidance that will help our organization as we continue to grow.

Here's what Mary has to say about the ecosystem and the integral role that InterGen plays to support new entrepreneurs. 

Why InterGen?

I have watched InterGen evolve from its infancy - from a well thought out concept to a successful, engaging and community-minded organization with a very important purpose. InterGen acts as a connector and conduit to match scaling companies with successful business people and services through many of their growth stages.  With a successful fund, strong vision, experienced management team, it is an organization and a cause. I am honoured to have the opportunity to support and hopefully play a small role in helping it with continued success and growth. 

What are the challenges in the tech ecosystem that you think InterGen can help address?

Like many jurisdictions around the world, attracting, retaining and retraining talent will continue to be the biggest challenge. InterGen is solving this by taking a holistic approach on how we allow talent to work, learn, live and play in our province. They are building a community that is focused on supporting new entrepreneurs by creating growth and funding opportunities while capitalizing on existing talent. 

Having this vision will influence how we build our communities, how we invest and evolve education to match the way talent will learn today and in the future and - as importantly - how we sell our province to companies and talent we want to attract and retain. 

Where do you see the innovation space in Alberta in 5 years?

I believe Alberta is on a great trajectory to become a real leader in this country in specific areas of the rapidly changing digitization of business  - areas where we have true strengths.  Strengths in our post secondaries, strengths in our industrial and professional service sectors, strengths in our health care system, strengths in our people who have a long track record of embracing technology and solving problems for the world. There is no question, Alberta has the attention of many - with an influx of companies, talent and investment over the last few years, but we are far from arrived.  We must continue to give the innovation ecosystem the daylight it deserves. It is hard work that takes generations to build. 

Any advice for up-and-coming ventures and entrepreneurs?

Yes - two pieces of advice:

First, always ask for help and acknowledge you don’t know what you don’t know.  That is where companies like InterGen are so important - continually helping entrepreneurs on their sojourn to success. 

The second piece of advice: Keep it in Alberta!  It’s been quite a ride and I believe it is going to continue to be the place to be for entrepreneurs today, tomorrow and well in to the future.