InterGen is Strengthening the Technology sector with Alberta Innovates

InterGen is thrilled to announce that we are a proud recipient of the Ecosystem Development Partnerships Program (EDP) grant from Alberta Innovates. This grant will play a critical role in increasing our reach and impact in supporting the province's next-generation economy of tech scale-ups.

To date, our proprietary matching app, InterGen Connect, has connected 1,400 scale-up ventures and InterGen Business Advisors (IBAs). The app pairs IBAs who have business experience that match a  venture’s current challenges. This precision in matching and intentional focus on advisory versus mentorship are the key differentiators in the InterGen model. With the help of EDP,  we have successfully curated a community of ~400 scale-up ventures in Alberta who are leveraging our IBAs for on-demand business advice and introductions to talent, customers and  investors.

The Ecosystem Development Partnership Program invests in non-profit and for-profit entities. The projects support activities by:

  • providing communities, services and supports for inventors and entrepreneurs,
  • supporting key markets with the ability to implement and adopt innovations,
  • accelerating the development and/or application of emerging technologies and technology companies, and
  • building capacity, platforms and/or networks.

We are very grateful for this support. This funding will be strategically allocated to expand programming focused on professional development opportunities for our community of investors, advisors and ventures. This can be in the form of leadership development and team-building  sessions, preparing scale-ups to be more investor-ready for institutional capital, and educating investors so they can deploy their capital into the tech asset class in Alberta--maximizing capital which otherwise sits on the sidelines or finds its way into traditional investment opportunities.

Our mission is to create an environment that can foster intergenerational entrepreneurship, where the knowledge, capital and expertise of one generation can be invested into the next.  Together with 18 other recipients across the province, we are excited to continue supporting entrepreneurs in accelerating the growth of tech companies in Alberta.

To view the full release and list of EDP 2023 Program recipients, visit this page