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BlueMarvelAI, headquartered in Alberta, specializes in providing applied AI solutions for industrial operators. Their primary objective is to deliver relevant insights and predictions related to Sustainability, Safety, Productivity, and Cost.  A subsidiary of Spartan Controls, they combine their first-hand knowledge in industrial operations with machine learning expertise. With a robust understanding of existing and emerging operating challenges, they are helping the industry create more value through modern technology. 

The company draws from its deep expertise on operations technology, industrial process control and risk management to assist on operator's drive for excellence. Backed by the experiences and skills of over 1,300 employees, they offer multi-faceted solutions and can help close gaps in every aspect of your operations. 

BlueMarvel's software helps operators by analyzing and conveying the most relevant information, connecting outcomes to key drivers through predictive insights, which helps decision-makers achieve better results. Join our conversation with Keri Lee, Managing Director, as we learn more about how they are giving customer top quality insights fast and other industries that they will be catering to in the near future. 

Their current product line includes solutions for process monitoring, energy management, operational metrics, and performance control.

  • BlueMarvel.Energy provides a framework to manage energy and other consumable resources by continuously tracking each energy stream. This solution can help operations more profitable and sustainable. 
  • BlueMarvel.OperationsMetrics consolidates operational data from industrial sites offering quick visibility to important KPIs including team workload and activities. It was developed to improve operational performance and eliminate risk and safety incidents related to operator overload and error. 
  • BlueMarvel.ControlPerformance simplifies the complex task of remote instrument and control monitoring and maintenance. It provides an all-encompassing view of operations with robust analytics and visualization tools.  This can help facilitate workflows that ensure automation professionals can efficiently optimize operations. 
  • BlueMarvel.ProcessMonitoring is designed to address the challenges faced in the pulp, paper and cement manufacturing in monitoring rotary kilns. The software detects real-time issues and inefficiencies in kiln operations. This application allows for timely intervention, predictive maintenance strategies and optimizing overall downstream processes. 

June 20, 2024 │ 9:00 AM MST


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Keri Lee Styled

Keri Lee is a visionary leader, currently serving as Managing Director at She leads a team of top-performing engineers, developers, and machine learning experts, developing software products that are revolutionizing the complex industrial operations sector.


Previously, Keri held several leadership roles at AltaML, a leading North American applied AI company, including Chief of Staff and Head of Scale. Before her work in tech, Keri served as Vice President of Operations at the Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST) an engineering non-profit that empowers people worldwide to access safe drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene through affordable technologies.


Keri's early career began in public relations, where she quickly rose to senior positions at top firms, including Edelman and National PR, counseling fortune 500 companies across North America. Throughout her career, Keri has been an active volunteer and advocate for nonprofit and community organizations having served on Mount Royal University’s Board for 6 years and is currently the Vice Chair of the Board at the Calgary Humane Society. Keri holds a Bachelor of Communication in Public Relations from Mount Royal University in Calgary and an M.B.A. in Finance and Economics from American University in Washington, D.C.

About BlueMarvel:

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BlueMarvel is an industrial operations technology company. By empowering industrial operators with actionable insight, translating the complexities of industrial data, and facilitating seamless data validation across multiple sites, BlueMarvel.AI emerges as the solution, generating crucial insights into human safety, asset reliability, production optimization, and energy efficiency.  


BlueMarvel is your industrial expert and partner in navigating the digital transformation space and exploring the exciting new frontiers of AI and Machine Learning in industrial enterprises.


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