“The simple act of caring is heroic”

  • Edward Albert
Top7 Over70
Noble Neighbour

The Noble Neighbour Citation Program has been created to recognize the incredible
community work of seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We live in extraordinarily challenging times and there is a need to recognize some of the
people doing extraordinary things to help their communities during this unique period. With
many seniors stepping up and helping out, wherever and whenever they can, we want to
recognize these contributions. Whether it be sewing masks, tutoring school children, fixing
bikes, delivering groceries, providing relief child care services and much, much more – they are
individuals who inspire us, lead by example and galvanize community action.

Any senior who lives in Calgary or its surrounding communities who has helped a neighbour or
the community during the pandemic is eligible to apply.

Individuals can either apply for a citation on their own, or someone who knows them can
apply for the citation on their behalf.

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