The Rise of Venture Capital in Alberta

Tune in to a captivating conversation between our CEO, Sandi Gilbert, and Tyler Chrisholm featured on Collisions YYC. They delve into how InterGen embodies Calgary's innate desire to pay it forward, what our community has to offer, emphasizing the power of simply asking to unlock unexpected opportunities and so much more.

Highlighting the remarkable progress that our ecosystem has achieved so far with even more high hopes on the horizon, they discuss the ongoing shift in traditional investors as they recognize the importance of investing in tech-enabled businesses and more venture companies noticing opportunities in Western Canada. 

Whether you're seeking funding, providing funding, or simply want to understand where investment is headed, tis episode is a must-listen!  

 Alberta is Canada’s best-kept secret — and it seems that both founders and investors are catching on! With unprecedented migration trends from British Columbia and Ontario, entrepreneurs in Alberta face new challenges. However, inviting new companies and founders into the ecosystem has long-term benefits, not least of which is combatting our own echo chamber. There’s more curiosity about our entrepreneurial ecosystem from venture capitalists outside of Alberta, and Intergen is working to diversify its network to promote our success to outside regions. As our tech landscape continues to mature, traditional wealth investing in tech-enabled businesses will be a key trend for the future. Don’t miss out on this eye-opening and candid conversation.

Collisions YYC is a podcast centered around Calgary's economic transformation. More about them here