Masterclass Scale-Up Series - 2021 Cohort

Find out what these entrepreneurs learned in our first cohort!

We are incredibly excited to announce our second cohort of the seven-part, hands-on, experiential learning program designed for the InterGen network of scaling companies!

For our Companies:

We believe that Canadian tech and innovation companies can compete and win on a world stage, but to do so – especially in these difficult times – they must acquire the needed skills to determine the best markets to enter, the best customers to target, and have world-class sales and marketing to get their products in the hands of those customers. 

What the first cohort had to say:

“It was a great course!…and now the work continues and we are excited about it. I’m confident we’re better positioned for growth than we were before we started this Masterclass.”

“The ICP and segmenting your market modules were a big eye opener for me.”

“You kept the engagement and energy high. Excellent!”

“Having a zoom every other week provided enough time to go through the content, but didn’t add any extra time pressure into an already busy Startup time frame.”


Our program is limited to 8 companies, so get your application in now. Please ensure your profile on is up-to-date and complete the additional information here.

An Experiential Learning Program:

  • In-depth video content – to learn key growth skills for scaling companies
  • Curated reading lists – to round out their understanding with curated reading lists for each module.
  • Exercises and worksheets for each module, so founders, teams and advisors can quickly apply their learning.
  • Connecting as a cohort in pre-scheduled 90-minute videoconferences (one per module) to discuss learnings, share insights, hear additional examples, and get questions answered
  • 1:1 company coaching session with Carey Houston
  • Participate in “Ask Me Anything” sessions with InterGen Ambassadors and Program Partners
  • Demo Day to conclude the 7 modules

A Seven-Part Series:

Module 1 – Building your sales engine – and the importance of FOCUS – delivered by 321 Growth Academy

Date: February 1, 2021

  • Outline the building blocks of a successful sales (and growth) engine, and have participants self-assess where they are at.
  • Dive deep into one of those building blocks – namely target markets, segments and customers. Companies are focusing too broadly, and this lack of focus is a barrier to sales acceleration..

Module 2 – Knowing your numbers – your “growth math” – delivered by 321 Growth Academy

Date: February 11, 2021

  • In order to scale, founders must understand their unit economics.
  • Outline how to assess unit economics, as well as how to clarify value and price well.

Module 3 – Building the sales team for scale – delivered by 321 Growth Academy

Date: February 25, 2021

  • To successfully scale, founders must transition from selling solo, to building a team that can execute well and consistently hit their targets.
  • Outline the considerations for building, managing and motivating a great team.

Module 4 – Building the marketing engine – delivered by 321 Growth Academy

Date: March 11, 2021

  • Marketing is also a key driver of growth and enables scale.
  • Outline the building blocks of a successful marketing engine, and have participants self-assess where they are at.

Module 5 – Tools for scaling – Operations – delivered by 321 Growth Academy

Date: April 1, 2021

  • In the early days of experimenting and launching, very little is automated, and few tools are likely in place. But to enable scale, teams must adopt and leverage tools to support rapid growth.
  • Outline some of the key tools scaling companies require and will dive deep into the tools required to support sales and marketing – namely, CRM, pipeline management and marketing automation.

Module 6 – Capital – When | How | Who – delivered by Round 13 Capital, BDC, RBC

Date: TBD

  • Understanding the funding continuum and when to seek capital for growth

Module 7 – Governance – delivered by McLeod Law, Simplex Legal

Date: April 15, 2021

  • Boards, board advisors and the need for governance


We look forward to seeing your applications roll in- don’t be the one that wished they had!