InterGen’s Masterclass Series - Launch in June

We are incredibly excited to announce a seven-part, hands-on, experiential learning program for the InterGen network of scaling companies and senior business leaders … aka our Silver Dragons.

For our Companies

We believe that Canadian tech and innovation companies can compete and win on a world stage, but to do so – especially in these difficult times – they must acquire the needed skills to determine the best markets to enter, the best customers to target, and have world-class sales and marketing to get their products in the hands of those customers. 

For our Silver Dragons

We believe in the intergenerational power behind the world’s most successful companies. Our network of business leaders will access new-economy skills to help them support the ambitious entrepreneurs that need their help. 

An Experiential Learning Program

  • In-depth videos content – to learn key growth skills for scaling companies 
  • Curated reading lists – to round out their understanding with curated reading lists for each module.
  • Exercises and worksheets for each module, so founders, teams and advisors can quickly apply their learning.
  • Connecting as a cohort in pre-scheduled 90-minute videoconferences (one per module) to discuss learnings, share insights, hear additional examples, and get questions answered
  • Participate in “Ask Me Anything” sessions with InterGen Ambassadors and Program Partners 

A Seven-Part Series

Module 1 – Sales & Marketing Fundamentals – delivered by 321 Growth Academy

  • Target Markets & Segmentation: How to define and focus on the most attractive target markets and segments, to increase the likelihood of success.
  • Ideal Customer Profiles: How to define the target customer in a way that focuses both sales and marketing efforts.
  • Buyer Journey: How the stage of buyer readiness changes your sales and marketing approach.

Module 2 – Sales: Process and Prospecting – delivered by 321 Growth Academy

  • How to build a sales process that works and effectively execute on outbound prospecting
  • Keeping the sales pipeline full

Module 3 – Winning Marketing Campaigns – delivered by 321 Growth Academy

  • How to design and execute effective marketing campaigns to drive awareness, conversation and retention
  • How to determine ROI

Module 4 – Scaling Talent – delivered by 321 Growth Academy

  • How to define the talent you need, then find, screen, onboard and manage them

Module 5 – Executing Well – Operations – delivered by 321 Growth Academy

  • How to manage your team, plan and prioritize, use stage-appropriate metrics to track progress and pick the right tools/stack.

Module 6 – Capital – When | How | Who – delivered by Round 13, BDC, RBC, Exhibition Capital

  • Understanding the funding continuum and when to seek capital for growth

Module 7 – Governance – delivered by McLeod Law, Simplex Legal

  • Boards, board advisors and the need for governance


$950.00 – Scaling Companies – Maximum 8 companies with 2 participants each

$500.00 – InterGen Talent Network – Maximum 8 participants


Our program is limited to 8 companies, so get your application in now. Please ensure your profile on is up-to-date and complete the additional information here.