Accelerated Leadership Program in partnership with Level52

In collaboration with Level 52, we are excited to introduce a pioneering Leadership Accelerator, the Accelerated Leader Program (ALP), to Alberta's thriving tech community. 

This program is designed for scaling tech companies that want a new and innovative approach to developing critical leadership skills within their teams. We believe that quality leadership programs will encourage and contribute to the overall success of ventures. Not only are they crucial for entrepreneurial success in a competitive landscape, they open new doors to a strong professional network, potential partnerships and investors.

We encourage you to take advantage of this chance to set up your team for long-term success at an unbeatable rate! Join this exclusive InterGen cohort for $500 per person instead of the regular price of $4,500 per person. 

The Accelerated Leader Program (ALP) will have a total of 24 hours of live instructional time, plus three 60-minute one-on-one sessions with a Level 52 leadership coach. This will be a virtual workshop and will include twelve 2-hour sessions on Zoom, weekly for 12 weeks.  The tentative start date is within the first two weeks of April. 

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Cost breakdown:

  • Your managers and team leads can join this exclusive InterGen Cohort for as little as $500/person instead of the regular rate of $4,500
  • The Accelerated Leader Program qualifies for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant. Receive 2/3's ($3,000) reimbursement through CAJG*
  • Once we get 16 participants registered for this exclusive cohort, InterGen will provide a $1,000 micro-grant for each team member you have registered.

What your team will gain:

  • Mental agility to navigate challenging situations gracefully
  • Clarity in how you lead in an authentic and courageous way
  • Confidence to lead effectively and motivate your team to another level
  • A blueprint for providing effective feedback in any situation
  • More time to spend leading, as you delegate more efficiently and effectively
  • Mastery of the three layers of culture you are responsible for as a leader
  • The ability to create the conditions for collaboration and team performance
  • Tools to increase staff engagement

*CAJG is a reimbursement mechanism. You apply and get approved in advance, then once your team member(s) have completed the program, you submit to have the grant funding released. The client is responsible for confirming eligibility and submitting their application. Level 52 will provide step-by-step instructions. More information about CAJG here.

About Level 52

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Level 52 is a training and coaching firm focused exclusively on elevating leadership effectiveness. Clients rely on the Level 52 team for disruptive leadership training that delivers meaningful results through a blend of science-based and high-performance methods.

Participants in their courses come from all stages of their careers, from early-career professionals to C-suite executives, and often refer to their Level 52 experience as being transformational. That is thanks to the award-winning framework that shapes their curriculum and approach to training – it’s inspired by the book The Science Behind Success, written by Level 52 founder, Jayson Krause. 

Level 52 is Calgary-based and delivers programs globally, from Singapore to Silicon Valley. They work with start-ups, mid-sized companies, and Fortune 500 firms including organizations such as Tourmaline, Calgary Sports & Entertainment Corp., Rifco, DIRTT, Solex, and many others.

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