InterGen Breakfast Club presents Circle Cardiovascular Imaging (Circle)

Since 2007, Circle Cardiovascular Imaging (Circle) has been providing innovative technological solutions to better support clinical decision making. Circle has become the market leading expert in cardiovascular imaging through its use of AI algorithms that provide validated and accurate results to clinical professionals and their patients. Their solution has optimized workflows within the clinical community which  has allowed more time for patient care. 

We are looking forward to featuring Circle on the 2nd episode of our #HealthTech series as we chat with Greg Ogrodnick, CEO. Join the conversation and discover how the company's tailored solutions have given the clinical community more time to focus on their patients and boosted overall productivity. Peter Santosham, Executive Director of UCeed funds, will be joining the session as a special guest. UCeed is one of the early investors in Circle and has been a witness to its remarkable growth overtime. 

February 22, 2024 │ 9:00 AM MST


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Greg Circlemed styled

Greg Ogrodnick has an outstanding career at prominent healthcare, information technology, and biotech companies that has given him exceptional insight into what it takes to make a business succeed. Currently, Greg is the CEO at Circle Cardiovascular Imaging Inc. Prior to joining Circle Cardiovascular Imaging, he was the Co-Founder and President of Conceptis Technologies Inc., a leading medical media and education company whose main asset was He received a Bachelor of Commerce from University of Alberta.


Pete Santosham styled

Peter started his career in technology commercialization at University Technologies International (UTI) where his team made foundational investments in local companies like Circle Cardiovascular Imaging, and Parvus Therapeutics. In 2008 Peter left UTI to pursue an entrepreneurial journey that included start-ups in medical devices, enhanced oil & gas recovery, SaaS and direction drilling. He returned to his technology commercialization roots in 2020 as the Executive Director of UCeed, the University of Calgary's group of pre-seed investment funds. With $21M in assets under management UCeed is the largest fund of its kind in Canada.


About Circle Cardiovascular Imaging


Circle Cardiovascular Imaging (Circle) is a Canadian-based company that was founded in 2007, established with the aim of developing innovative software solutions to enhance cardiovascular imaging analysis and improve patient care. Since its inception, Circle has grown to become a globally recognized leader in the field.

At the heart of everything we do is our unrelenting drive to continually offer better solutions for healthcare providers that improve healthcare outcomes. This fuels our creativity, informs our decisions and it is the reason we are passionate about our work and most importantly why we are successful.



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