InterGen Capital is a venture fund designed to enable high potential companies to seize global opportunities.

Scale-up capital for ambitious CEOs and their businesses

We created InterGen Capital, a for-profit expansion of our non-profit work to address a key problem facing Alberta companies. While start-up capital is available for early-stage companies, those with greater revenues often struggle to get the investments they need to realize the true potential of their businesses. We want to change that.

InterGen capital only invests in companies and CEOs that meet the following criteria:

  • Revenue of approximately $1M-$5M per year, with rare exceptions below $1M.
  • Ambitious management teams targeting significant (rather than incremental) growth.
  • Clear competitive advantages in target markets
  • Vision and/or a plan for serious business growth, given access to capital.

InterGen Capital portfolio companies

VEERUM applies digital technology to asset ownership, helping clients build and maintain a better world. The company was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta.
SaaS Provider

InterGen is a great example of a strategic partner for VEERUM. They have made valuable business introductions for our company with organizations, like Bird Construction, Their network has been a solid catalyst that lines up with our growth strategy.

David Lod
Chief Executive Officer
Osperity’s intelligent visual monitoring platform empowers oil and gas companies to reduce operational costs, while mitigating environmental and safety risks. The company is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta.
SaaS Provider

Since Osperity’s cloud platform is massively scalable for remote sites, InterGen Capital’s financial support and real-world insights have been crucial for us to manage visual sensor and analytics for growth. The InterGen team has enabled Osperity to move more quickly to develop our computer vision, a type of artificial intelligence generating accurate, insightful alerts enabling “true management by exception” for our clients.

Scott Crist
Chief Executive Officer

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