We’re building a community for ambitious entrepreneurs, emerging companies and experienced talent.

Alberta has always been one of the premier economic engines of Canada. Building great national and international companies is in our DNA. That’s what we do. But now we’re at a key turning point in our province’s history. We can go forward. Or we can stall. But we can’t go backwards.

Alberta’s next-generation economy.

InterGen was founded with a belief that the talent and expertise responsible for making Alberta the economic envy of the entire continent for the last twenty years can be leveraged to build the companies that will define the next twenty years – and beyond. We have a massive well of business talent that can lend its expertise to scale-up companies in the next-gen economy.

Connecting entrepreneurs with experienced talent.

Our team is committed to accelerating the growth and scale of high-potential Alberta companies by pairing them with business talent that are committed to our province’s future. We match them through our InterGen Connect technology platform and support them with educational offerings, training and roundtables featuring entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts.

It Started with the Top 7 Over 70.

“80 is the new 65”
– Calgary business legend Jim Gray

We are proud to be part of the Top 7 Over 70 Gala, an awards program that recognizes individuals who have started something different or new, or implemented a new venture or idea, after the age of 70.

The event highlights the remarkable ways retirees contribute to our economy and serves as inspiration for us to focus on intergenerational entrepreneurship through InterGen. The second Top 7 Over 70 Gala took place in October 2019 and was once again a sell-out and inspiration to those that attended.

Meet the InterGen team

Jim Gray

Founder & Member of the Board

Brian Felesky

Founder & Board Chair

Sandi Gilbert

Managing Partner

Khalid Hansraj

Program Director

Emily Wuori

Community Lead

Jean-Marc La Flamme

Marketing + Product

Trent Johnsen

Board of Directors

James Lochrie

Board of Directors

Phil Roberts

Board of Directors

Sharon Watkins

Board of Directors

Lorraine Mitchelmore

Board Advisor

Sandip Lalli

Board Advisor

Bonnie DuPont

Board Advisor

Steve Allan

Board Advisor

Marty Reed

Fund Manager

Our Supercharged Network

A few of our connectors.

Alice Reimer

Bryan Gould

Cameron Hall

Carey Houston

Heather Culbert

Heather Herring

Erik Allan

Irfhan Rawji

Jeff Boyd

Jim Gibson

Jim Oosterbaan

Judy Fairburn

Justin Riemer

Marcy Krafft

Peter Lafontaine

Sarah Morrill

Simon Raby

Terry Booth

We are part of a vibrant ecosystem of change makers.

We collaborate with our community to support innovation.

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