InterGen PowerPlay: Get a Grip on Your Business. Achieve Real Results with EOS

We’re excited to share the third workshop in InterGen’s Leadership PowerPlay series! InterGen and Ted Bradshaw bring you this dynamic...

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InterGen PowerPlay: Role of the Board From Startup to Maturity

Are you a scale-up business that wants to: Better understand the role of a board? Discover the timing, expectations and...

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InterGen PowerPlay: Leadership is a Choice, Not a Title

InterGen and Mark McGregor bring you this Powerplay session on navigating effective leadership in your company. This interactive workshop will...

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InterGen Wine Wednesday with Ashif Mawji

After the smashing success of our first in-person Wine Wednesday (but on a Monday), we are absolutely excited to host Ashif...

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Nov 2022 event

Breakfast Club in November   Nov 24, 9:00 AM is Clay Swerdelian – conformii Calgary is becoming an ESG Tech...

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Oct 2022 events

Breakfast Club + Wine Monday in October   Oct 21, 9:00 AM is Darcy Verhun – FYidoctors Oct 24, 5:30...

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Sept 2022 event

Join us for Breakfast Club featuring Brendon Cook + Blackline Safety Sept 21, 9:00 a.m. MST   Brendon Cook holds...

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June 2022 event

Join us for Breakfast Club featuring Andy Harris + Radicle June 28, 9:00 a.m. MST   Andy Harris is a...

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May 2022 event

Join us for Breakfast Club featuring Guillermo Salaza + ICwhatUC May 25, 9:00 a.m. MST   Guillermo Salazar grew up...

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